Andrea Levine O’Rourke,
Boca Raton City Council Member

My Mission

"Encourage creative, open-minded and visionary leadership that ‘bridges the gap’ between citizens and government to protect Boca Raton’s unique and special quality of life.

I believe Boca Raton is an extraordinary place to live and could be even BETTER with creative, open minded and fair leadership. I will bring my long term community involvement, education and commitment to our City."

About Andrea Levine O'Rourke

As a 37 year resident of Boca Raton who has served on city and community boards and organizations as a volunteer and leader, I want to put my years of local experience to work for you. Over the course of many years I have attended hundreds of city meetings and workshops, representing you, our residents and our neighborhoods on important issues. I have always been a voice of reason and encouraged open, fair and collaborative dialogue between residents and city officials.  We are at a time where change is possible.  The residents feel that their voices are not being heard. They are not being represented by the percentage of the elected officials. Now is an opportunity to give the residents a voice on City Council.

I would like to be that voice.

My  motivation to serve comes from my “Love of our City.”  I believe Boca Raton is an extraordinary place to live and could be even BETTER with creative, open minded and fair leadership.  I will bring my long term community involvement, education and commitment to our City.

As Boca Raton continues on its path of inevitable growth, and focuses on healthy economic development, it is important to maintain our success by keeping  the balance of quality of life in perspective.

In order to prosper as we develop, we must be sure to balance building with open green space, along with the principles of visionary urban design, as in other ‘world class’ cities.  The livability of our residents must stay in the forefront by finding solutions for traffic, now.  We cannot continue to approve additional density that will add to our traffic woes and assume that we will find solutions later, as the population grows.

It is important to me that we not lose sight of the fundamentals that gave Boca Raton its reputation as a special place to live, work and play.

Being a proud graduate of our very own Florida Atlantic University helps me reflect on the fact that Boca has three growing universities. What a wonderful opportunity that provides toward the future youth and technology feeding into the economic development and business future of our city.

I am committed to keeping our school systems and our safety services worthy of Boca’s high standards.

I will be a watch dog on how we spend the money we receive from the one cent sales tax.


After growing up in Brookline Mass, a suburb of Boston, my family moved to Florida in 1971.  We happily settled in Boca Raton in 1979.  My husband George and I raised our daughter here and she and her husband are now raising our grandson in our community as well.  He is following our daughter’s footsteps going through Boca Raton public school system.


• BFA – Florida Atlantic University


• Creative Services – Owned design company (graphics, interiors, residential/commercial) past 16 years.
• Harid Conservatory – Dormitory Director
• Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce – Director of Communications
• AlphaGraphics Print & Graphics Company – Owner
• Wallrich Home Design Firm – In House Director of Advertising and Marketing (multiple chain stores).


Community Service
• Federation of Boca Raton Homeowners Association, Past Chair & Secretary
• City of Boca Raton Downtown Advisory Committee, Board Member
• Boca Raton Police Dept – Crime Watch, Board of Directors
• Boca Raton Bowl Community Captain
• Neighborhood Homeowner Association, Co-Founder &President


• Milagro Center, Mentor of the Year – 2009

March 14, 2017 is an opportunity to have your voice heard…If you vote for me…“ We Can Build Our Future Together.”

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